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Harii Bandhu: Guestbook

Glenda Simmonds

October 18, 2015

Saw Harii at Eumundi Market and purchased 2 CD's - The Healing Heart & Vol. 2. Absolutely thrash them, love the sound in total, but especially the voice, so easy to listen to often. Thankyou Harii

Antonia Jordan

September 23, 2015

Hi Harii,

I heal soooo much better when I hear you sing and I adore each and every note you play on your guitar.

Thank you for giving me a place to go to when the world gets too big and far too ugly.

Stormy (AGJ)

Danielle Jones

August 14, 2015

Walked Eumundi Markets this morning for hours, stumbled across Harii and was drawn to sit, watch and listen. What a unique voice and performer!! ....just finished listening to "Goddess" in the car on our drive home. Wow!!
I overheard talk that he will be on the Gold Coast ( my hometown) next weekend and am so looking forward to catching him again then!!


May 10, 2015

Great tunes Harii!

From the guys at

judy hancock

January 14, 2015

Hi hari, I have seen you a few times at Noosa, have bought your healing Heart album,
and would like another similer, it it's available. regards judy.


August 20, 2014

Just received my copy of goddess.
Love it.

Trudy Wilson

August 7, 2014

So glad I swapped the CD I bought for the one with your own composition. Just love it


August 5, 2014

Gedday Harii,
I saw you at the Eumundi Markets last Saturday. Bought a couple of CD's.
Your singing , guitar playing and everything makes me feel great.
I could listen to you all day.
It's great when you you go out for a day trip and discover something special.
Thanks for your great music !


April 26, 2014

Harii it was out of a van in brisbane I followed the melodious sounds of this mystical true musician in his robes & multi coloured hat, i listened spellbound to that soul inspiring voice bought your cd played it all the way home to the gold coast, then again at the jazz festival in broadbeach, so now i will follow you on special trips to the sunshine coast to eumundi
so good to know your still out there reaching souls with your inspiring music,love it,,your albums are very much on my most played list,

liz Agerbeek

October 11, 2013

Just had our first introduction to Harii's music at Eumundi markets...both Rudi and I had tears in our eyes. Just had to buy all CDs available. Just yesterday I read an article in the Noosa News about a fund raiser concert that's being held in Noosa tomorrow...I had never heard of Harii before reading that article. I was immediately taken by his photo - then today to hear his magical music at the markets was quite serendipitous. What a wonderful talent. Now we'll probably become 'groupies' - even in our late 60's and can say his music is ageless and timeless. I already had Leonard Cohen's Allelujah as my mobile ring tone...just guess whose version is going to replace it? Thank you so much Harii for sharing your music and talent with us.

Heather and Howard Tomlinson

August 26, 2013

Hey Harii, really enjoyed watching you the nights we were up in Darwin, you most definitely inspired us (H2). Your CD's are fantastic, keep up the fabulous music. Xx


July 20, 2013

You have to seriously consider coming to the Bellingen Jazz Festival Harii. You need to contact the organisers before September (I think) and the festival is held in mid August of each year. Would love, love, love to see you here.

Belinda Tee

July 19, 2013

Harii ,you are an amazing talent with a wonderful voice. The first time I heard you was at the Cotton Tree Markets. I bought 2 of your CD's immediately and pondered why such a talent wasn't showcased further afield. You are endeavouring to make that happen with your 'The Voice' audition. I hope that you progress to the finals because the nation deserves to hear your perfect voice. All the best.

david swanson

July 7, 2013

was in awe of your performance down at the wharf sunday night . bought your ep . with an amazing voice and guitar work .a true artist.


May 5, 2013

Hi Harii
Heard you at Redcliffe markets on Sunday. Love your music.
Do you perform any public gigs on the north side of Brisbane?
Cheers Glenn


February 22, 2013

Haribol HariBandhu! How r u? Just wantedu to know
the Radha Gopinath show is online
at then click
World Deity Pastimes and scroll to Radha Gopinath


January 27, 2013

hey harii,
I heard you amazingly beautiful soul through a crowded redcliffe markets a little while ago and was drawn to it. I bought a couple of CDs and positively love your sound especially your original music it's dances between blues, jazz and a present vulnerability and truth the speaks to a passion for life and honesty in all of us. Whilst listening to it many times, It was chosen as my christmas day music - danced happily away as i prepared food with love and hosted christmas. Keep making music to feed our souls - big fan! You rock!
Chez x :-)


January 12, 2013

Hi Harii,

Saw you at a very hot & sticky Eumundi Markets last Wednesday and your voice literally drew me closer & stopped me in my tracks, singing the sweetest & most soulful rendition of Dream a Little Dream I'd ever heard. Please, please record that one soon!! I've been listening to Healing Heart vol. 2 ever since and look forward to catching you again soon... You have an amazingly unique voice & your passion for music is so evident.
Thank you!!

Steve Swayne

October 18, 2012

Ahh Harii, listening to your Goddess album this morning for the first time in ages. Wonderful music and the question comes to mind - why so long between listens :) When are you returning to Maleny again? We miss you.


August 29, 2012

Dear Harii, I am really enjoying the lovely music playing on the site. You were always such an inspiration from the very first time I heard you sing at Colo farm in 1983! Those Sunday lunches were divine and your singing and music was a big part of the joy. I am so happy to see you rising and rising and continuing to share your "self" after all these years. Much love to you, brother.

luke fraser

July 31, 2012

thanks for your inspirational music love your music and content within will come see you for your new album at eumundi markets soon , just keep doing what you do your music craft is a blessing to all who listen and are about to hear thanks

David Nicholson

July 8, 2012

Hi Harii - We had our good mate Morag over for lunch yesterday. As you know she has not had a great run health-wise lately, and she really enjoyed the day out. We've listened to your music many times at her house, and she kindly brought over a couple of your CD's with her yesterday. I have downloaded them into my library, and just wanted to let you know how much I, as an old muso (old being the operative word!), enjoy your music. Loretta and I did actually meet you at Morag's 80th down at Ricky's, where we shared a table that day. Keep the music coming! Cheers, David Nicholson


July 6, 2012

Strolling through the nightcliff market for the first time and your voice stopped me in my tracks!
I bought a couple of CDs and have not been disappointed.
You are amazing!!!

Adam Ridealgh

June 29, 2012

Hi, Hari. I'm the mad Englishman who jammed with you in a pizza bar at Noosa Beach in 2006. I hope all's well with you. If you ever get over to Europe, get in touch and I'll put you on with my band.
Much love, Adam and Jacq.

Vanessa Ness Nugent

June 27, 2012

Hi Harii, we met in Darwin. I just want to thank you for creating such a wonderful music experience for me. It seemed that everywhere I went, there you were and I am so very grateful for that as your music fills my very soul. What an unexpected pleasure.

I was visiting Darwin for the first time to help my great friend Julie celebrate her 50th birthday and we can now say that Inner Mystical Sound was the background music to that week. We will always be able to play your CD and remember what a wonderful time we had.

Hopefully you can find your way to the Bellingen Jazz Festival one day. I know I'll certainly be making some enquires for you. Hope to see you down here soon.

Much appreciation


June 7, 2012

Great to see you singing at The Lions Springwood club before my gig there :) Very strong singing! R U still in QLD?

Tiana Brooke

May 4, 2012

Hey :)
I just saw you playing at the Eymundi Markets, you have an amazing voice! :D

Phillip Strickland

April 29, 2012

Hi Harri

In september 2011 my wife and I saw you at the Eumundi markets and purchased the "Goddess" cd from you. When watching and hearing you live I new your gift and talent was unique. I am a guitarist myself and have worked out a couple of your songs - "Fate" and "One Time". I love your chordal harmony and structure; how the different changes, tempos , melodies and harmonies take the songs and lead the listener on a journey.
And to play and be part of the band and to take the audience on these journeys' is absolute pleasure and joy.

My wife and I believe your voice to be of the best we have heard. You have so many variations and a fantastic range.
The musicians in your band I totally admire and repect enormously. It is brilliantly produced.

We hope to be up in mid june and see you and hopefully the band play.


Phillip Strickland

Belinda Schatto

April 22, 2012

Thank you for gracing my life with your (long overdue) presence last Sunday morning at the Cotton Tree Markets. I have seen your name so many times but have not had an opportunity to attend any of the Full Moon Dance or House With No Wall events that you were performing at. To my utter delight, there you were, lighting up a dreary Sunday morning. I am eternally grateful to you for your gift of giving and sharing your amazing talent. Your live rendition of Hallelujah absolutely, literally made my hairs stand on end, a response that I have NEVER had to a performance. I relive the moment by playing the CD's that I keenly purchased that day. By the way, to that end, thank you for an amazing week full of smiles and pleasure. Your forever fan, Belinda!! :-)


March 26, 2012

Nice site mate, well done.
Got some nice shots of you and the OKA lads during the Golden DAys free day.
If you'd like copies let me know, I'm the local keys player you bump into randomly,

Sam Hutchinson

January 18, 2012

Hi Harii,
I met you at the markets in Maryborough today, and I felt compelled to touch base. I was totally enthralled and inspired listening to you this morning, I am certain I will be seeing more of you in the not too distant future.
Thank you for bringing music and light into the world in the way that you do.
Much Peace,


December 22, 2011 glad to have "found" you again. Many, many years ago we visitited Eumandi on a beautiful day and heard you sing and play. I have finally located your CD again....after many years.....I loved it then and still love your sound now! Have been listening to your music for days and days again and just found this site today to discover more of your music!

hope to see you live again someday, somewhere

John Baker

November 19, 2011

Hi Hari,
Its John Baker, from such weddings as, Cloudlands Brisbane and Darwin. We all loved your music and talk about you often, you are talented and gifted musician, Thank you for sharing your gift with us. We are looking forward to catching up some time soon.


November 13, 2011

Hi Harii
Spoke to you recently at Sunshine Plaza , Maroochydore. Wish I could have stayed longer and listened to more of your music , but I had to head back to Brisbane.

Love your CD Godess

Hope you can visit Airlie Beach one day. Maybe Magnums will give you a gig if you contact them.

All the best

Kara Robinson

August 9, 2011

Hi Harii,
We were lucky enough to be in Darwin recently and heard you at both Parap markets and Deck Bar... you have an amazing voice. Thank you for adding wonderful music to a wonderful trip! I have just purchased your CD. Can't wait to hear it all. Hopefully you're down in Melbourne soon!
Thanks again,


July 28, 2011

just saw you at the Mindil markets in Darwin and was in awe of your sound. We just had to buy your cd's. We listened to them in the car on the way home. Pure bliss... Thank you!

Terry Clayton

June 22, 2011

Had the privelage to see you play at Eumundi back in 2006 whilst I was over from the UK. Love the sound and look forward to seeing you again when I visit Oz again.

Anastassia Allen

April 19, 2011

Harii, just brought all 3 CD s in my home... And wow the past few days are filled with Bliss and Passion ! You are So Gifted! So much Soul ! Hope we can see you live again Soon!

Jeff Mapstone

December 23, 2010

Harii, I was one of the contestants at Yandina pub and I was so impressed by you I bought the Goddess CD and I have to admit I have not played an album so many times since 'Abbey Road' or Santana 'Supernatural'. I told you that night that you are a national treasure and it's time you shared yourself with the world [if you want to]. I've got the song writing bug again thanks to you.........bugger!!!! P.S. I think you know Anissa [Anni] I've had the pleasure of singing with her recently. She's a great talent too.

Vale Satori

December 8, 2010

I visited q'land and was blessed to hear you sing. I asked about your music and you suggested one for me to purchase, Ithink because I;m mature aged. i was in a rush going to see Avavtar. However i chose the Goddess! Wow!! fabulous. I play it all the time in my cr... soooo beautiul. Have you any more of this Ilke ? please Hari let me know. zso glad I came across you. 6 degrees of seperation stuff! I just love life.
Thankyou again you are very talented.


November 8, 2010

It was my good fortune to have seen you perform on Sunday 7 Nov 2010 at the mall in Brisbane while I was there with my daughter (in wheelchair) on holidays and bought your Goddess CD which you kindly signed for me.
I will be waiting anxiously for the ALLELUIA single (which you sang) to come out, as I LOVED your arrangment and of course vocal.
So please, I would like to be on a waiting list for when that CD comes out :)
Thanks and all the best Harii and Makaella (whom was talking to me and telling me all about you)
Best regards
Jen xo

geoffrey datson

October 21, 2010

thanks for the effort with the sound at Yandina Hotel comp tonight. Had a great time, drag we had to leave early but caring for aging mother and so I am on a short leash.


October 8, 2010

mystiacl album

garet5 music have you got ther chods progession in score
is ity possible to eamilo this i am hobby gutarist

Tanya Filipic

September 6, 2010

Please where is Le Monde?

Aly Palmer

July 18, 2010

Hi Harii.

Listen to you play on Saturday at Jumpers and Jazz (Warwick). How amazing you sound!!! We will definitely be following your music.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful music with us....

Aly Palmer

jeigpond.comanene firrell

June 20, 2010

I first heard your music at my hair dressers & asked to see the cover so as I could order the CD .I have just bought through Paypal 2 of your C'D's & cannot wait for delivery .Love your music

Garry and Lai

May 31, 2010

Hi Harii... just to say you gigs were the highlight for us at Broadbeach...we will follow you with interest... will catch up hopefully when you are down in Canberra - you are invited for dinner :)

Ken Davis International Composer

April 21, 2010

I've had the pleasure of knowing Harii for most of his career meeting him in Sydney and recognised his amazing talent then. We recorded and shared musical ideas and I always knew in my heart that Harii would eventally a success story. His voice, guitar playing and songwriting are exceptional.
I wish him every success for the future.
Ken Davis Sydney Australia

Jane and Tony Tipper

April 18, 2010

Hi Harii
Tony and I have been very busy with our family. On the odd times we have made it to the Harbour we have missed your siging there very much.Its our 30th Wedding anniversary today and we heard your lovely Crsytal Moon Song on the radio ( thanks for 'dropping in" to play it for us.
Are you still having house concerts? we would love to come agaon to one of them
our contact details are
07 548450494
or Tonys mobie 0431051971
or my email
Hope to see you again sometime and we hope your little man is doing ok, he has often been in my thoughts and prayers, since you told us of his health concerns at the habour, havent seen you siance then so we really hope all is well with him and your family
Kind regards
Jane and Tony Tipper


April 18, 2010

Listened to you today @ Redcliffe Jetty Markets and really enjoyed your sound, particularly your James Taylor covers and Haleluja. Awesome stuff.

Kevin Buxton

April 8, 2010

I had the incredible experience of seeing you for the first time at Eumundi market on Saturday 20th March. I was with Annie and we brought and you signed a couple of your CD's for us.
We heard you before we first saw you and your voice soon drew us to where you were performing.
You are an outstanding and unique talent. I have never been so captivated with a "first listen" of an artist not known to me before.
I am British and back in the UK and Annie, who is Australian is back in Brisbane.
I will br travelling to Australia on several occasions in the next 18 months until Annie and myself can be together permanently.
Until I can get to see you perform again the CD's will do. Your "Inner Mystical Sound" is never off my IPOD.

All my good wishes for the future

Kev Buxton


March 10, 2010

Hi Harii
Saw you playing at Eumundi a few weeks ago & bought "Goddess". I love the unusual melodies and the strong vocals. Hope to catch you at Eumundi again and get another CD.

Richard van Wyk

January 14, 2010

Hi harii.

I have been listening to your music for the past 2 years...only have one cd which I bought from you at Eumandi......Every day I listen to this cd - healing....It means gives me an upliftment that alows me to enjoy my day differntly.....does not get stale.....Would love to purchase a another....which do you recomend?

Andy Fletcher

December 29, 2009

I was delighted to read your bio -- your review of all your artist influences brings all kinds of musical memories flooding back. I remember that stereo system in Ipo! Fletch

peter stewart

December 17, 2009

we heard you sing with your band last weekend in noosa, we chatted with you briefly, 2 lovely ladies from KL and myself, your music touched the deepest part of our souls, so we must come again to listen. 'If you live in the present moment, life and the universe will support you totally, if you live your life in past and future you cannot exist because they do not exist and life cannot support you, life will float you if you are 'with' what is happening in your life in each moment' life cannot do anything but support you' past and future will gradually disolve if you bring 'awareness' to your moment. Sai Ram. when is your next gig?


November 13, 2009


First heard you play at Eummundi. I brought your first three cd's but have since lost them in a seperation. Can you please send me list of the first 4 cd's you have produced for sale at the markets.



paula mekeridou

September 11, 2009

dear harii, thanks for following your heart. you have created beautiful, inspiring, uplifting, freeing, healing, emotional, loving, real music. i love your with heart and brains. thank you. we met briefly at eumundi markets where i heard you singing and baught goddess. i am not dissappointed... no i love it. please continue to do what you do so well. you are definatly a world artist and an artist that our world needs. and you may smile knowing that your cd is also being heard in austria. keep up the good work harii.

Cheryl Cartier

August 22, 2009

Your music has touched my soul...... I was strolling through the Markets at Eumundi,,,,, and your notes penetrated my inner being..... it has not left...... thank goodness I had the foresight to pick up your card..... I am going to buy your music.... and look forward to hearing and seeing you next time you are in town.... you are a musical blessing...... namaste.... Cher

Noel Evans

August 19, 2009

Hi Harii

I just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed your performance at Eumundi today (19th). It really made my day.

It was great to hear your unique interpretations of the great old standards.

I was the older guy sitting near the strawberry seller.

I have a jazz trio playing similar material. We comprise piano, me on string bass, and a female vocalist.

Do you ever get to NZ? If you were coming to Wellington I could possibly set up some gigs ...

Good fortune in all your musical endeavours.

With kind regards

Liam Seymour

April 22, 2009

hey Harri

my name is Liam Seymour you may not remember me, i was the manager at the sunset bar & cafe in broome. you played there a few times in late 07'. im running a bar in stklda at the moment, someone was just settling their bill (litterally just then),and asked who i had playing in the restaurant. So i went on to tell them its this amazing musician called 'Harii Bandhu' that i met and broome and was lucky enough to spend a short amount of time with him. leading to the reason im writing this email - in praise of the beautiful i got from youthat day in broome. your album 'inner mystical sound' is just so beautiful. i constantly have more and more people asking who you are and how can they get a copy. some of the best memories i have in broome are watching the sunset listening to your heaven sent music. in late may my girlfriend and i are heading back to broome for a wedding, and as i get closer to the holiday i keep listening to your album (like im hipnotized). anyway must go but just thought i would share that with you. im going to chase up more of your music as it is just amazing (like the song)

thanks for your time (i hope this actually gets to you)


Liam Seymour

Linda Harrington

April 19, 2009

I bought Goddess at Eumundi market whilst on holidays from Melbourne. Since returning home I have played it over and over,I LOVE IT, particularly Stay and Tripping.Truly inspirational, you are a master!!

Clinton Brewer

March 19, 2009

I saw Harii about 8 years ago in Canberra. I happened to be walking around the weekend markets and suddenly heard his voice and music. I was spellbound by what I was listening to and had to buy his Healing Heart CD. To this day I still have and listen to his music. I have lost the original but thank GOD I made copies.

Helen Langlois

March 2, 2009

Hi....I am coordinating World Environment day, and hvae been in touch with Jay Bisoff re the line-up....great to know you are on the bill..have a few programme changes, can you please contact me and or forward your contact details to me...Helen Langlois


January 8, 2009

I saw you perform at Eumundi last week and it was fab! I was on holiday from Scotland and have taken your CD inner mystical sound back to Edinburgh with me. It is great and inspirational, it's taking me through a big transitional phase in my life so thank you!!!


December 28, 2008

We Saw you & your bass guitarist from Melbourne @ Yamba Markets today.....Wow..absolutely WOW!!! We bought you a drink @ the Backpackers in the main street....Loved your hug..smiled all day!!! Woz hasn't seen me smile that for ages..but then again live talent like yours doesn't pop up everyday!! Thankyou more than we can say...looking forward to catching you again,we will travel to see you perform..keep us posted...Lorraine & Waz..xox

Rodney Hyett

November 23, 2008

In August this year I purchased your CD, “the healing heart” at the Eumundi Market, while in holidays from Victoria, which I have thoroughly enjoyed!

You were also performing your own songs. I assume that this is "inner mystical tour"?


November 9, 2008

Heard you performing at the Eumundi Markets on Saturday 25 October 2008 and was instantly taken by those smooth velvety tones. I was glad that I bought all 3 CDs and have not stopped playing them since. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful talent.

Mikolaj Klijewski

November 7, 2008

Greetings send to the young players NTP Lightning from Poland.


October 20, 2008

Hello, I saw you play for the first time two days ago at Eumandi Markets, Saturday 18 October, 2008. I bought your CD Inner Mystical Sound. I have listened to it over and over again and I feel a stirring in my soul.I especially love your song"What Will Be". Thanks for making a difference in this world with your music and giving us the listener a opportunity to raise our vibration while doing so. Can't wait to hear your "Goddess" Cd


October 3, 2008

every thing is good about you harii.

Judy Hancock

August 31, 2008

I have "Healing Heart" and love it.
Would like another in a simler theme.
Cheers Judy Hancock.

Alisha Mackerell

August 26, 2008

Hi Harii, I saw you probably around 4/5 years ago at Eumundi Market, busking. YOu were so brilliant and i bought your CD - 'the Healing Heart'. Someone 'borrowed' it and i haven't seen it again :S so was wondering if it's still available to buy?
God Bless you heaps - love your music

Cecilia Young

July 26, 2008

Hi Harii

Wow You are one very talented cookie ...thank you for the entertainment at Eumundi Markets on Saturday, my daughter and I buzzed out on your soulful sounds, improvisations and original music... like many others who were drawn to you we enjoyed your vibe and passion...we took home your 30's and 40's cd absolutely brilliant (played it over and over in the office very relaxing)and are coming back for more to add to the collection.
When and where is your next concert I would love to share your passion with friends and family as I am sure they will appreciate your talents as much as we do.
Keep touching souls my friend Love and Warm fuzzies Cec and Tracey

dominique . cisse

July 24, 2008

just love it and will be in touch lots of loves d c

Russell (the camel man)

July 12, 2008

Hi Harii
Hope all is well. I miss your music at the markets


June 29, 2008

Hi Harii,
Your music and face is breathtaking..
peace ~


June 24, 2008

Hey Harii
your voice is amazing! you make me miss Australia and the sunny coast!
Although I've left Australia, I will always be your fan in Taiwan!!


May 23, 2008

Hi Harii .... may your voice and lyrics live forever ........your songs are just beautiful. Cheers Jeannie

Whitney Joy Howard

April 11, 2008

Hi Harii & Makaella! Hope all is well! All fantab on this end:)

tim barrett

March 25, 2008

Hey harii,
I saw you playing at the eumundi market this january. I was walking around with a video cam and I bought the goddess cd. It`s mmy favorite music. I am 44 and am from the usa i was visiting. I am in thre process of getting a visa to move to aus next year . cant wait to be a bro...Tim


March 13, 2008

Hi Harii,

Heard you at the market in Noosa Marina (090308)- by far the highlight of that excursion.
Bought the inner mystical sound as I couldn't drag myself away though pressure from leaving friends and rain drops where pulling. Are now enjoying it at work while thinking creative thoughts.

You have a beautifull voice and I think your spiritual background might shine through and mesmerises the audience with some extra magic. I am not spiritual myself but certainly saw you do "100%", like the judges on Australian Idol would have put it.

Your performance/voice reminded me of the Danish band Sko&Torp that I listened to in my younger days.

Cheers for the experience


February 29, 2008

I have just been through your photos, what fun you have been having. You look so well and in your element.
Great to see. Talk soon. Libby xo


January 20, 2008

Hi Harii
We saw you at Eumundi and my 4 year old son asked us to buy your CD as he loves your sound. He fell asleep cuddling your CD on the way home.
We've already worn out the Healing Heart Cd, be back soon to get the next one.You have and incredible voice and a magical sound.Jacks


December 31, 2007

Came upon your site by chance and took the time to look around, I’m glad I did.
Thanks for sharing, hope to see you perform sometime in the future.

pradip marek

December 27, 2007

Am I able to send you money via some method so I am able to get your Mavi Album. I live in adelaide. Mavi album I love so much. I saw you play that music in Perth when I was a kid at the temple.


December 1, 2007

Hi Harii,
I'm a schoolteacher and you keep me company via my computer when I'm doing drudge stuff like report writing.
I only have The Healing Heart at present and it is nearly worn out. Is it still available?


Sophie Llit

November 29, 2007

Heard your music last night through your producer Geir Brillian, and I have to say, you're better than fantastic! But then again why not go further?

Julie Oneill

October 28, 2007

I just loved your tunes and the words, ahhh, it so touched my heart. Thank you so much. I felt connected to you straight away and where i am on my own journey now it simply all fits so well. I have been listening to your cd's and have fallen deeply into your music. The poem Goddess took my breath away. I questioned have a ever created to receive such blissful words of love? I am now. I listened to you at the juction and then by gift of spirit saw you again at the Blue Fish. Until next time, thanks again for your expression of love.
With love Jules

Chrissy Edwards

October 24, 2007

Saw you perform on the Thursday at the Gympie Muster and dragged everyone I met to your next performance - we were so sad the other group turned up and you had to leave! I know that you know you have an incredible voice, but its nice to hear it commended every now and then. Your music really moves me and everyone I play your cd to. Will hopefully come and see you at Cafe Le Monde or the markets at Eumundi - or when you come to Caloundra next. Keep up your amazing journey, take care, Chrissy.

Justin Burns

October 4, 2007

An old friend whom I havent spoken to in years has left a message, Trudy Dosiak,your no 1 fan from Adelaide, could you please pass on my info so I could get back in touch, greatly appreciated, cheers


September 27, 2007

Hi, I just listened to a clip of your song, sand. I enjoyed it. thank you and good luck to you.

Ian (McRobbo) Robertson

September 23, 2007

My wife brought back your "The Healing Heart" CD from Eumundi markets and raved on about it... So I had a listen and I can only say "What a fantastic, amazing, and open clean sound.. I have played it to death... the clarity of your voice and guitar is magical ... thank you.. I look forward to seeing and hearing you in person at Eumundi...

Maurice Kahu

September 3, 2007

Saw you at the father's day picnic in Maroochydore. Your voice & guitar playing totally blew me away. My daughter was with me but she had already bought me some Bruce Lee DVD's so I bought myself a fathers day present. (Goddess) Will purchase the other two CD's online. I live on the Gold Coast but I'll travel north just to see & hear you play. (My daughter lives in Maroochydore) Thanks Harii for sharing your talent. Cheers

Graham Holiday

September 2, 2007

My girlfriend and I had the pleasure of seeing and hearing you at Eumundi. Both of us thought you were amazing and you put feeling into your songs. A true artist!


August 31, 2007

Just returned from Gympie Muster and must admit your music blew me away, will go again if you are going to be there again. "Goddess" is just beautiful. Love xx


August 27, 2007

hey mate I just came home from the Gympie Muster, saw you there and buddy you're awesome. Hope you didnt mind the mud and rain, please come back next year, your music is amazing.
Lots of love brother,

Sören and Benjamin

August 18, 2007

greetings from your greatest fans from Broome. Had a nice time up there, but we are unfortunately back in the cold and rainy city of Perth.
ca Sören and Ben


August 16, 2007

awsome web site my brother hope all is going well for you in these crazy times ya gota love em im still in colarado be back mid september hanging out in canbera till mid oct have to catch up bro love to you and the whole harri gang peace mj

Lizzie and John Weisner

August 1, 2007

Sooooo pleased we happened upon you last night playing at Cable Beach Resort. Jo+Lucas told us to look out for you, touting your talent, but we had no idea!! You are incredible to listen to and experience; very aligned and intouch with your passion, your music and singing is stirring and enlivening and an absolute treasure to listen to! Thank you!!

Moses Jones

July 31, 2007

Heyah Harii.
Finally managed to lay my hands on that Harley I always wanted. Am now heading towards New Orleans. Got my Hammond restored after Katrina. She is patiently awaiting my arrival. May take a few pit stops along the way for gigs. I miss you brother, and that crazy ass motherfucker producer of yours. When you coming over? All my love. Mo
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