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Harii Bandhu: Guestbook

Taya Smith

July 3, 2007

Hi Harii. You and your music completely captured me when I saw you at Eumundi a few years back. What a gracious, romantic, beautiful soul, and what a magical gift. Thank you for sharing it. Taya


May 9, 2007

Grace, grace, grace, all the way to the West Coast. Sending my love with you two and your band of Angels and musical Masters, (the unseen variety!)Let us know where you'll be gigging and we'll send our West Coast friends along.
Bless you both with Peace, and know the gloriousness of Your shine.
Ever Love.

Andrew Oostenbroek

April 10, 2007

I saw Harii Bandhu for the first time ever at the Mount Tamborine markets and I have to say that once I heard his voice and music I had no further interest to walk around to see the market but rather spent my entire time listening to the songs and voice that captivated me instantly whilst my family wandered around. A former musician myself and coming from a very musically inclined family I have learned to appreciate all types of music.I love live performances if the music is done well. Harii not only has sold me an album but has sold me on the whole style of music. Best male vocal I have heard in years.


Andrew Oostenbroek


March 31, 2007

Hey Harii,
Took the oportunity to check out yor site after you called into my shop at Tenterfield today..........Thank-you.
Wot more is there to say, except I am finding myself to be blessed more every day by the people who cross my path.
Shine on.


February 24, 2007

Hey Harii,

Happy Birthday and an awesome party last nite. You rock!! and so do your friends. Great to see you in amongst it going off!!

Do one of your CD's have lots of Funk on it like you were playing last nite? IF so I want to buy it!! Can you let me know.

In the meantime, have an amazing year and I wish you every success.

cheers SOleil (Kathryn Porter's friend)

January 14, 2007

Hi Harii, I saw you at Eumundi Market on 27th December 2006 in absolutely torrential rain! I was with some friends over from England, we bought a couple of your CDs which are excellent and they remind us so much of what a great time we had in Australia. My friend Maurice and I enjoyed your skills while our ladies shopped in the rain! We loved meeting you and your gorgeous lady friend. We arrived back to the cold country (England) last week, but we brought our memories with us. We'll be back to see you definitely. Keep enjoying yourself. Tim

Steve Swayne

January 12, 2007

Hi Harii,

Saw you play at Woodford. Amidst a sea of plenty you still shone brightly. Wonderful concert.


Jeanette Wilton

January 8, 2007

Have been playing your CD non stop since the Woodford Windown. Great Stuff.


January 1, 2007

I stumbled upon Harii's fantastic voice and music at Eumundi several months ago - I had to sit and soak in his amazing version of 'Hallelujah' but didn't get a chance to find out any more info. Amazingly,I have just received Simone Matthews email detailing her favourite talent, Harii at Woodford Festival - so had to look at the website. Looking forward to listening to you again soon, Harii. Wishing you true success, Caroline.


December 25, 2006

See you

Ety Zainon

November 20, 2006

Patut la boleh cakap melayu..terkejut saya tiba-tiba dekat Eumundi market ada orang boleh cakap melayu pulak....anyway, i got your CD signed by you...Really Good...tahniah

John Haugh

September 18, 2006

Hello there!
The first & only time I saw Hari play was in Noosa,~may/June 2004.I walked in to this pub & heard this awesome voice singing great songs.Bought "Healing Heart" & thought wow,listened to it while travelling on my way back to Ireland,& then lost it.I've just found it & am now listening to it while checking out the website.
By the way are there any plans to travel to Europe?-if not I'll be back to Oz to visit a friend in Mebourne in 2007.Fantastic!!


September 17, 2006

Legend of the roofing world. Glad your doing something that your actually good at!!!!


Trevor (Tote) Richards

August 23, 2006

Hi Buddy,
I knew you would be out there somewhere with your great talent & passion.
Take care,


June 29, 2006

Hi Hari
That was a truly inspirational read (your website), Ive seen you play covers before with Matty Dred, @ Sunshine Coast, but didnt realise the depth of person you are!! Look forward to seeing you at Upfront Club Maleny in August. I will have to listen to your original stuff.. Seeya and have fun!! Kylie :)


June 23, 2006

I miss hearing your beautiful voice my sweet that I dropped into your website for a listen - I would love to hear you more on the radio! there is a guy called Paul Fogerty from up your way that I am rather enjoying on 91.7FM. How is that beautiful youn man Das - istn he turning into something very special. keep on singing - love Tai

Katie Koller

June 13, 2006

Have loved your music since the first time I heard it back in the early 80's on a lawn on the banks of the Colo River outside of Sydney. Tell us about your name.

Italian Batteristo" You See!! Ah""

May 16, 2006

Hey Bacala!! When you gonna learn to drrink da coffee!!

Bophavy de Surmont

May 8, 2006

I have not hear you play, but I have heard about you from my husband Patrick who loves your work. I like your definition of " Diversity ". Looking to hear your music.
Thank you!


April 23, 2006

Best site I see. Thanks.


April 20, 2006

Hi i really like your site, i place a link on my web-site, continue like that.


April 16, 2006

Alleen onder Glamour versta ik wat anders maar dat moet kunnen.

Wendy & John King

February 6, 2006

Thanks for sharing your story - your bio is really interesting & confirms your multifarious sources of inspiration. You have a great vocal range and really jazzy rhythm, we can hear all the influences you mention, and family pics just like all of us! We look forward to your next gig - keep music live, not canned!


February 2, 2006

you Are the most amazing person ever.
we are close.
and we have a bond.
ill speak to you soon.


January 29, 2006

hi bandhu i really enjoyed watching you play live today, your awesome. love you anakula xoxoxo


January 28, 2006

thank you for having the courage to honor your soul purpose. i had the pleasure to see you live and there was a moment in time when i felt and saw the presence of buddha in your essence as you performed.thank you.thank you.thank you... you presented a song called stay and i felt a well within me. i felt moved to tears.. thank you for speaking with my sister and i briefly.. love and light ....

Illumina Viula

January 23, 2006

hey harii... just been guided to your website by my beautiful siStar Iris Ray (true friend of yours and makaylas). Just like to share with you the beauty of your medicine for a heart that knows Divine Union. You have sung parts of my being back to truth, so, my deepest gratitude and love for the gift you are to humanity. may you always prosper in love and support.
Until we meet.

max sportelli

January 19, 2006

Hey Brother hope all is well at the momoment i;m in Noumea,still giging away on the iron barge!!hope your well missing those gig moments togerther web site looking great!!til next time..Bacala!! puta da' coffee on ahh!! ciao Max xxx


January 16, 2006

Hi Harii
Its been almost a year since I last visited your site, and wow, it's looking impressive. I like all the upgrades, especially the idea of being able to listen to your music now and read through the lyrics. I always love being able to check out photos too, gives the site a complete coverage of who you are, your background etc.
By the way, Im Gerd's sister. My hubby Paul and I visted Noosa early February last year where we sat in Cafe Rio with Gerd and his wife Leanne and first listened to you sing.
I always remember you as a "fellow piscean" since our birth dates are just a few days apart, its no wonder that Im inspired by your talent as well as your nature.
Good Luck with everything and hopefully we'll run into you again some time.
Lyndi :-)

David and June Corrie

January 9, 2006

My wife and I listened to your performance at the Eumundi markets whilst visiting that area from Cairns. We are both in our seventies, but were so impressed with your marvelous talent and range of sounds. So much that we bought your tape "the healing heart.You are a very gifted young man and we wish you great success in your life. Best wishes D & J

Moses Jones

December 21, 2005

Merry Christmas Harii! And thank you for the good times making the album. Everything is going well here in the Big Easy, am playing at three gigs on NYE, so i'm not complaining... Bumped into Raoul when I was touring in France in October, and he is still the same crazy maniac as always...

Anyhow bro, take care, and see you sometime down the track.



November 30, 2005

Hey cool site. The photos from Kw Fu's party were really good.



November 30, 2005

Hi Harii,

Great web site...the photos of the party really came out good, kudos to the photographer...ahem!! Your rendition of the song "you've got a friend' is still ringing in my ears...truly lovely. Your Dad and Mum are people who we cannot help but love and admire; and I guess, by the other postings on your site, you are like them too! All the best and hope you'll be back to KL very soon.Mat Salleh yang pandai cakap Melayu...u really surprised most people here!!

Steve Swayne

November 12, 2005

Hi Harii,

I was at your Maleny gig last night with friends and thoroughly enjoyed your performance. I was also at your last show here and brought along 6 friends last night to share in your wonderful singing and guitar playing. Gary was excellent on bass as well. I have both your albums and look forward to your new CD 'Goddess'.

I read your bio page with interest. I also spent part of my childhood living in Malaysia near Malacca, though I am sure that our path never crossed as I was there in the early 1960s as a young child. You brought back fond memories of my time there.

Once again thank you for a marvelous show, all my friends thoroughly enjoyed your music and enthusiastic and exuberant style of performance. May you return to the Upfront Club soon.




November 8, 2005

Hi Harii
Seems strange to not address you as Hugh but I guess its just a habit of old. First time I visited your site. Wanted to do it earlier but time was so difficult to lock down. Went through your site and read Jane's running commentary that was so intricately and poetically woven in with your lyrical influence. It was very touching, very emotional and as I read her observations, I could see her in my mind's eye. I appreciate the significance of what you are trying to achieve with your site. It's not just good work, Harii, but it is very human.
Thank you for your CDs, which I haven't done properly when you were with us. Your CDs are still in my car and Indigo Water is just contagious - probably more so than Avian Flu. I really hope I can break through in Malaysia with your songs for you. You truly deserve all the compliments that I have read in your site. Goodonya. K.


October 31, 2005

Apa khabar? Nei ho ma? Mapo ka mi na e to ah ge ho ta (excuse my terrible bandhu-nese!)Great site! All the best!
Love JH, Freddy, Alesha and Andrew!

Eric Reed

October 10, 2005

Hi Harii,

I must apologize to say that I'm not familiar with you or your music, but I stumbled upon your site after searching for a friend on the internet. I was linked to a post on CD Baby by Trudy Dosiak and I decided to look at your site. I'm hoping Trudy will see my comment and get in touch with me...I'd love to catch up.

And so I'm not a total ass, I'll give your songs a listen, on the recommendation of my long lost friend, Trudy!


Eric Reed


October 9, 2005

dearest harii
thank you for a wonderful afternoon of healing sounds and vibrations! it was an absolute pleasure to meet such a musical soul as yourself and feel the warmth of your sincerity and universal love.
have a safe and peaceful trip back to your home. it's back to the organised chaos that is hospital work for me!!
hope to be blessed by your music again soon
peace, love, truth, non violence and right conduct
termina kasih, miin :) (lah)

michael roelofs

October 2, 2005

hey harii. well the thursday nites are not quiet the same without u at the cafe. we got the substitute junior but besides his work ethics he doesn't quiet measure up singin-wise. all good up here and we are expectin u back soon and can't wait to sing indigo good and safe. michael.


September 14, 2005

Hi Harri
My name is Kristy. I have seen you quite a few times. At the Grinning Dog Tavern, Eumundi Markets etc. I am the partner of Ben who played in a band at the Grinning Dog Tavern and his Mum works at Eumundi. Just wanted to say beautiful music and please keep it up! Kristy :-)


September 14, 2005

Dear Harii,

What an amazing CD (Inner Mystical Sound)
I bought it three weeks ago at Eumundi market and my daughter and I know all the words(well 90%)and it has not come out of my CD player in my car since.

I just want to thank you and let you know that I thought what you did with the inside of the CD Booklet/cover was awesome. Sharing parts of your life and journey I felt like I knew you well parts anyway(if that makes sense)

I loved reading the words to the songs. Absolutely beautiful, i can't wait to share it with my family and friends.

You truly are an amazing musician/artist.

Hope you come back to the Sunshine Coast when you finish your journey back to Canberra or I may just see you in October when you travel down to Melbourne as I have family there.

Take care and keep writing such beautiful inspirational sounds.



September 7, 2005

Hey Bandhucci, Mum sent me the link nice site, well put together Love the pic with the camera, and nice work with the music feed. I asked Das to send me copies of everything coz on my way back to melb after Xmas my Cd case was stolen and it had Everything from majesty in it. Have been miserable with out it. Something about being weaned on your music that has affected me deeply and unfortunatly only franti and spearhead coem close to have the same affect on me..
Miss you lots
Love Admiration and endless memories, Your biggest girl Jaz..
PS I hope everyday that in this life you and i might travel turkey together...

Barrie Collins

September 7, 2005

Hi Harii,
I saw you and heard your music at Eumundi last Saturday! Great sound! Sorry I couldn't have stayed longer to listen to but as I was on holday, I had to rush off! I did buy 'The healing heart'and it's great! you do a fantastic job on all the oldies! I should have bought your other CD too! Anyway I'm looking forward to seeing you when you come down to Melbourne in October'

Banita Banita

August 30, 2005

Hi Mr.Bandhu,
Due to the fact that we are " Old Friends" ( You are getting Old, and I am still your Friend ! )I have now had your Master copy of your "Swoon" :) to be released, New One "Goddess" spinning around in My CD Player for some weeks now.

Can your lyrics get any more Sublime?
Can you touch the essence of our Quest for love any more succinctly?

Can your voice vibrate in My Cells and Deeper?
When can I get a Copy with a Cover?
Really have loved watching your journey towards yourself,
Fly Free...........
With only Love and Appreciation..
Your Number one
(Yes I am !)


August 30, 2005

Hello Harri, Victoria and I enjoyed your set at The Gympie Muster. We will forward the photos to your email asap.


Helena Ameisen

August 23, 2005

Hi Hari, you haunting voice lured me up the hill at the Eumundi Markets in Noosa but the bus was waiting so I grabbed only one CD!!! Would love to hear more and se you do a gig in Sydney soon i hope. Spread your beautiful sound! Thanks , love, Helena.

michael roelofs

August 18, 2005

hey hari.
well the new site looks great buddy! last nite at the cafe was good and fun although u are probably sick of me telling u to turn it down! all good though haha. im glad to hear that your great son is coming back up the noosa way and i will receive him with open arms! i like the layout of this site and its very easy to get around in it. rock on and may the force be with u from your nr 1 dutch fan(am i the only 1?) michael

Trudy Dosiak

August 5, 2005

Hey Harii,

The website looks fabulous!

I'm so happy to see you continually evolving and wish you every success as your journey continues.

Your friendship - and indeed your beautiful music are never far from my heart....

Your #1 Adelaide Fan - T xxx

max sportelli

August 2, 2005

Hey bacala! i wonderfully enjoyed your stories...its my pleasure to enjoy part of your journey...
ciao max

Steven Kennedy

August 2, 2005

I am from Adelaide and saw you perform in Noosa Recently, and loved your show. Unfortunately I did not purchase your CD at the time.
Having searched on the net it seams that there is a CD for sale, but at Noosa you appeared to have two for sale, or was there a choice of two CD covers. I would be interested in purchasing both CD's if available. I hope this is the right forum to make such a request.
I must say again that your music, both covers and original, was superb, a great memory.
Thanks, Steve.

Jane Beckman

August 1, 2005

Cool web site Harii,
Cheers Janie
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