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Harii Bandhu: Photos

Harii Bandhu in Malaysia

Singing for my Dad
My 2 brothers & sister & I
Getting a big hug from Dad
Mum, Dad & my Sister. "Had a few wines Dad?"
My 2 brothers & sister in law chuckling at proceedings. My youngest brother (standing) was master of ceremonies.
That's my beautiful sister!
Who's this handsome boy? Yup!! That's my son. Decided to come on an adventure to Malaysia & meet some relatives.
Ok! Ok! Cd's? Yeah I got plenty.
Some dear family friends. One barometer for judging someone is to note the people who are willing to surround that person. My father and mother are surrounded by lovely, sincere, genuine souls.
The old family doctor & his wife. When we were kids he was there for flu, fevers, broken bones, diaorrhea, mumps, measles chicken pox and I still remember the size of that bloody big needle. I mean a horse would faint.
The 'Old Man" delivers one of his memorable speeches
That's my Mum & Dad. They were married in 1961. I think the photo pretty much sums it all up. <center><FORM METHOD="link" ACTION=""><INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="More Photos"></FORM></center>