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Harii Bandhu: Photos

Harii Bandhu's Birthday Bash

"Celebrate Good times. Comeon!! Woo Hoo!!"
Go you Groovers!
Funky Moves
"Wo Harii!! Ease up there mate. It's only a song."
"Harmony, Sage & Harii"
They're Lovin It!
Everybody in da house say "Yeah!"
"I said say YEAH!!"
Harii Bandhu & Barry Charles - the human didgeridoo
You wouldn't believe what this guy does with his voice. Like a cross between Tuvan throat singing and a didg. Amazing!!
Funky brothers & sister
Go Go GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
<center>That's my funky beautiful daughter!!</center> <center><FORM METHOD="link" ACTION=""><INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="More Photos"></FORM></center>