1. Paper Cranes

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Paper Cranes

Terror lies on the faces of angels,
All they ask is for love to be spared.
Crucify our hopes and beliefs,
When our babies kill for their share.
“Why?” we ask, “Has mother earth left us?”
She can’t bear any more deceit.
Why do we have hearts of mountains,
Covered in rocks with no birds or trees?

There’s a land where a girl still is standing,
Sadako surrounded by paper cranes.
Children cry from the rays of an atom,
And we still talk of arms in tones of the sane.
Men fight on in the name of justice,
All have their reasons, all have a name.
Our tears have dried up and the clouds are all gone,
We take all our beauty and we clothe it in shame.

Our tears are gone.
There’s nothing more to cry for.
Our fears are all,
That we have left to guide us.
Unless we give,
And not take away.

Music & Lyrics: Harii Bandhu
Copyright 2002. All rights reserved.