Takamine endorses Harii Bandhu! 

The world-renowned guitar brand TAKAMINE has recently added Harii to it's roster of world-class musicians. He is in esteemed company - other artists to be endorsed by Takamine include: John Scofield, india.arie, Linkin Park, Jon Bon Jovi, Garth Brooks, Live, Rammstein, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Bruce Springsteen, Dave Stewart (ex-Eurythmics) and The Eagles. Harii is proud to fly the Takamine flag and is pleased to have earned a place with such a prestigious and well crafted instrument-maker.

<a name="Jane's Story">Jane's Story</a> 

In May 2004, I received a letter from a lady, nay a Goddess, whom I'll call 'Jane', that touched the very core of my soul. Her story was so moving that it took several times for me to read the letter without being overcome. I would like to share this letter with every one, as it is only recently that I have met her in person, and 'Jane' has consented to my wish to include her words on this web site. Please read her story. At the letter's conclusion I will tell you a bit about our meeting…

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